1) Appropriate identification is required to ensure that ARES personnel are not mistaken as professional responders. Mis-identification could result in ARES personnel being inappropriately asked to perform tasks which exceed their legal authority, training and ability.
2) ARES personnel must wear on their outer garment, and display prominently while on activation, the incident pass (if any) for the current operational period and valid ARES photo identification badge.
3)ARES personnel shall also carry a valid motor vehicle driver's license and FCC license copy in their possession at all times.
4)ARES personnel should always present a clean, well-groomed, neat, utilitarian and professional appearance which builds confidence in the minds of organizations we support.
5) ARES personnel are encouraged to wear a 'T' or golf shirt with an identifying ARES logo and/or a cap with an identifying ARES logo. The cap and/or shirt may also bear the ARES member's Call Sign and first name. Shirts or caps with any other type of logos are strongly discouraged.
6) Wearing of camouflage, olive drab, navy blue, gray or black clothing, or other distinctive items of military or other uniform apparel or insignia, by ARES personnel, is strongly discouraged.
7) ARES personnel should wear footwear such as light hiking boots or sturdy shoes. Running shoes or tennis shoes are discouraged.
8) When ARES personnel operate a handheld radio in a public situation, they must ensure that the speaker is muted and use an earphone. Speaker-mikes are not a substitute.
9)ARES personnel shall not consume alcoholic beverages or controlled substances while on activation. Any personnel found under the influence of any intoxicant while activated will be removed from the scene and have his/her team membership immediately terminated.
10)ARES personnel shall not carry firearms during exercises or when activated, regardless of concealed weapon permit status, except for sworn reserve and off-duty sworn law enforcement personnel who are required by their supervising authority to be armed.

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