ARES® has standardized on the Anderson PowerPole DC power connectors to insure compatibility. The following are tips on the installation of these connectors.
How a Power Pole Works
Stripping the wire
How to use smaller guage wires with PowerPoles
A typical crimper suitable for use with PowerPoles
Proper placement of contact in crimper - THIS IS THE WRONG WAY - the split portion of the cnnector MUST face the smooth side of the crimper jaws!
A proper crimp - The contact must NOT spread out or it will not fit correctly into the connector housing
Inserting the contacts into the housings - Insert until you feel the contact snap over the spring
Mating the connector housings - Slide the dovetails together from front-to-back (they DO NOT snap together) - Insert roll pin to secure - Note orientation of housings (correct for both radio connection and mating power supply connector)

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