The WD4NUN repeater has been moved from the Public Service tower, at the landfill, to the Public Service tower at the Berkeley EOC in Moncks Corner. This will result in changes to the repeater coverage area.
The repeater continues to operate on 147.150 MHz, plus shift, with a tone of 91.5 Hz in and out.
This repeater will continue to be operated as a "open" repeater. As before, the repeater can be used for ARES activities at any time, without prior notice. We will make an attempt to post any planned usage on this web page.
History of the WD4NUN repeater: HISTORY

Berkeley County ARES® is in service at the County Landfill tower site. This repeater operates on 146.610- with a tone of 123.0 in and out.
This repeater is a closed repeater and is reserved for use only by Berkeley County ARES members and invited guests. As always the repeater may be used, by anyone, for an actual, emergency situation.

We have available a Portable (28 Lbs), Motorola CDR700, UHF Repeater with CDM750 radios and a duplexer installed.
This unit will be utilized, at 25W output, for ARES operations and special events for short-range communications. The repeater will operate on frequency pairs reserved by SERA for itinerant and short term use during a special event or emergency with no formal coordination required.

2 Repeater Pairs, 25 KHz spacing between channels, 5 MHz split

High input, Low output

445.750 - 440.750

445.800 - 440.800

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